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Are the mirrors in your home old and covered with scratches? Get them replaced immediately by hiring Westmoreland Glass Company Inc. Give yourself the chance to primp and preen in front of a mirror not marred with stains and scratches.

Place an order for mirrors to be installed on your property!

Mirrors are essential components of your store, so get them custom-made by us! Let us install these mirrors in your dressing rooms and other places on your property so that your customers have the freedom to admire themselves when they try on your collection of clothes.

Do you own a clothing store?

•  Apply beveled strips to dress up old mirrors

•  Cut sheets of mirrors in stock to

   whatever size

•  Customize cuts based on your request

Visit us at 517 S Gloster St. in Tupelo today!

Customize your beveled mirror

Get beveled mirrors with decorative edges installed on your residential or commercial property. A mirror with ornate designs can do wonders to increase the appeal of your interiors.

Gorgeous mirrors to add a decorative touch to your property

Discover the Difference in Your Reflection with a New Mirror

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