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Property owners understand how important safety is for their well-being. That's why Westmoreland Glass Company Inc. installs several doors and door parts for properties around Tupelo. Ask about our concealed and surface-mounted door closers, which are devices that pull doors shut after they've been opened.

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Hire us to install aluminum panels instead of glass on your storefront doors for protection and for aesthetic purposes. These panels are attached along glass sections on the side of the building so as to conceal the interiors. We carry branded parts for commercial doors.

Branded commercial door parts

  • Pull handles

  • Push bars

  • Pivots (center hung and offset)

  • Closer arms

  • Guides

  • Tracks

Install authentic door parts

A panic device is a bar inside the door that when pushed automatically releases the lock so you can open the door in case of emergency. During emergencies, you can push this bar to exit the property quickly.

Panic devices and parts – a quick escape route during emergencies

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